TruFlora®: A Powerful, Bio-cleansing Probiotic with Enzymes

TruFlora® is a unique probiotic that contains enzymes as well and has powerful bio-cleansing effects. It works in the lumen cavity of the intestinal tract to help purge undesirable bacteria and yeast cells*. It is a perfect companion to Theralac® and works great for probiotic rotation. TruFlora® helps provide immune support and digestive comfort*.

What’s is TruFlora®?

TruFlora® combines powerful probiotic strains and fiber-digesting enzymes in a formulation that can be used alone or rotated with other probiotics to enhance overall probiotic effectiveness.  When used alone, TruFlora® colonizes intestinal contents (food in small intestine, waste in colon) and prevents domination by undesirable microorganisms when they are first ingested. In conjunction with other probiotics, particularly those that colonize intestinal surfaces, TruFlora creates a comprehensive internal probiotic culture (IPC) where both surfaces and contents are colonized.

So what’s inside a TruFlora® capsule?

  • 15 Billion C.F.U. Guaranteed through expiration.
  • 32 capsules lasts 16 weeks (2/wk).
  • Can be held at room temperature 4 months (2 years refrigerated).
  • Helps to restore G.I. Health and REGULARITY.

TruFlora® delivers over 15 billion probiotic CFU and more than 10,400 units of betaglucan digesting power deep into the intestinal tract.  This creates a powerful probiotic action: the probiotics produce bio-cleansing quantities of lactic acid and the enzymes digest betaglucans. The targeted result is a return to regularity and normal bowel function.

TruFlora® delivers probiotics and enzymes through the acidic stomach environment into the intestinal tract alive, which is critical to maximizing their ability to eliminate undesirable microorganisms.

Three Probiotic Strains:

  • Bacillus coagulans (Lactobacillus sporogenes)– 2 billion CFU (Strain IS-2)
  • Lactobacillus plantarum – 10 billion CFU (Strain LP-115)
  • Lactobacillus salivarius – 3 billion CFU (Strain LS-33)

Two Digestive Enzymes:

  • Beta Glucanase – 136 mg
  • Hemicellulase – 26 mg

Other ingredients in TruFlora®:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose – A food-grade, plant cellulose used to standardize probiotic strength.
  • HPMC hydroxypropyl methylcellulose – A derivative of plant cellulose which comprises the capsules.
  • Sodium Alginate – Provides protection from stomach acid and is a probiotic-preferred source of prebiotic fiber (Protected by 2 US Patents)[1].
  • Magnesium Stearate – It is used to fill the capsules and ensures a uniform mixture of all ingredients. A pharmaceutical grade, vegetable source is used in TruFlora®. Magnesium Stearate has been safely used in capsules and tablets for over 75 years.
  • Tri-Sodium Phosphate – Food grade buffer that assures proper pH control.
  • Silicon Dioxide – Reduces moisture and improves shelf life. Silicon dioxide (silica for short) is a micronutrient in human nutrition; a food grade source is used in TruFlora®.
  • Ascorbic Acid – Antioxidant.
  • Maltodextrin – Enzyme carrier.
  • Dextrin – Enzyme carrier.
  • Calcium Carbonate – Enzyme carrier.
  • LactoStim® Sunflower Lecithin and Oleic Acid– Our patented prebiotic. LactoStim® stimulates probiotic growth by providing a food source to the probiotics as soon as they arrive in your digestive tract. Only food grade Lecithin and Oleic Acid are used in TruFlora® (Protected by 5 US Patents)[2].
  • Calcium Silicate – Anti-caking agent.

Allergy Statement

TruFlora® contains no: milk, eggs, gluten, wheat, soy, casein, nuts, or seafood.

Questions About TruFlora?

Here is a list of commonly asked about TruFlora.

TruFlora® delivers a combination punch of three unique probiotic strains and two cell-wall digesting enzymes that work fast in the G.I. tract to inhibit undesirable food-borne microorganisms as they are ingested. For example, stopping microorganisms such as Salmonella, E. coli and Candida before they colonizethe intestinal tract is key to preventing harmful reactions. TruFlora’s effect is maximized by patented delivery technology that assures viable transport of its active ingredients through harsh stomach acidity (Most probiotics suffer >99% destruction in the stomach!).

If TruFlora® is taken at a high enough dose immediately after eating contaminated food it can often reduce the effects of food-poisoning.* If taken anytime later it may still provide some benefi t. TruFlora® acts as in A#2 above but also by direct competition with undesirable microorganisms for nutrients. This is called C.E., for competitive exclusion. Salmonella, for example, does not do well in head-to-head competition on a Petri dish against TruFlora’s probiotics.

NOTE: If food is eaten that is suspected of containing food-poisoning microorganisms do the following: Take one (1) TruFlora® capsule every two (2) hours (up to 12 capsules in 24 hours) and follow with two (2) capsules daily for 10 days.

*Exceptions: Food heavily contaminated with food poisoning microorganisms or microbial toxins can cause food poisoning that cannot be stopped EVEN with high doses of probiotics. Taking probiotics is these situations may speed recovery time (see trufl for references).

Yes. Broad spectrum antibiotics cause diarrhea in up to 25% of patients because they kill beneficial microorganisms in addition to the targeted disease causing organisms. If the patient does not replace the beneficial flora with probiotics diarrhea may become chronic. TruFlora® can be taken during antibiotic therapy but always allow at least 3 hours separation between the antibiotic dose and the probiotic dose. After completing the antibiotic therapy continue taking TruFlora®at one or two capsules daily for 30 days.

Yes, it can be taken together with or ROTATED with other probiotics. Probiotic rotation enhances overall effectiveness by increasing the biodiversity of beneficial strains in the G.I. tract. Many doctors treating diseases that require multiple antibiotics (ex, Lyme Disease) recommend that more than one probioticbrand be taken together or rotated. When rotating TruFlora® with another probiotic make sure the second probiotic contains different strains – Theralac® is a good choice since its three Lactobacillus and two Bifidobacterium strains stick to intestinal epithelial cells (soft lining) resulting in surface colonization that complements TruFlora’s ability to colonize intestinal contents (see more about Theralac for references).

Yes. TruFlora® is a very powerful probiotic that utilizes 3 + 2 BIO-CLEANSING technology (3 probiotics + 2 enzymes) and it works effectively without any help. However, prebiotics such as soluble fiber products will increase TruFlora’s probiotic activity by up to two times. This can be used to improve the economy of using TruFlora® by reducing the REGULAR DOSE from two (2) capsules to one (1) capsule weekly or the INTENSIVE DOSE from one (1) capsule daily to one capsule every-other-day.

TruFiber® is a new prebiotic containing inulin, partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) and four fiber-digesting enzymes that dissolves easily with no grit, taste or thickening. It’s a remarkable advancement in prebiotics, one 3.6 gram serving delivers 14 % of the daily value for fiber and doubles the activity of probiotics such as TruFlora® and Theralac®

There are three species: Bacillus coagulans (BC-705) or Lactobacillus sporogenes, Lactobacillus plantarum (LP-29), and Lactobacillus salivarius (LS-30). These three probiotics are present at a total viable plate count of 15 billion CFU/capsule guaranteed through expiration (TruFlora® is formulated > 24 billion CFU/capsule). These probiotics colonize intestinal contents (food in small intestine, waste in colon) including niches and crevices where intestinal motility is slow. All three possess strong lactic acid-producing ACTIVITY.

Yes, the TruFlora® formula contains probiotic strains that are quite stable at room temperatures (65-75 F) and can be held at these temperatures for up to 4 months. Also, by functioning in the intestinal contents, TruFlora’s probiotic strains can inhibit many types of undesirable bacteria present in contaminated food or water at the time they are ingested. Traveler’s diarrhea is usually caused by regional E. coli strains that locals are immune to but cause diarrhea in visitors. Petri dish studies confirm that TruFlora’s probiotic strains inhibit many E. coli strains as well as a wide variety of other undesirable bacteria and yeast.

As with Theralac®, the new TruFlora® formula is protected by sodium alginate (a natural carbohydrate from seaweed) that forms a protective buffered-gelaround the probiotics when they enter the stomach. This gel stays intact, sequestering the sensitive probiotics and enzymes, until it reaches the small intestine where the probiotics and enzymes are released unharmed. The TruFlora® formula is protected by U.S. Patents 7,122,370 and 7, 229, 818.

Open the capsule and fold the contents into applesauce, yogurt or mashed banana. Folding is key, do not mix: Small, tasteless lumps will form that retain most of the patented acidproof protection. This is important as it assures viable delivery of the probiotics and enzymes through stomach acid.

No. TruFlora® does not contain: Yeast, Eggs, Soy, Milk, Casein, Gluten, Peanuts, Shell Fish, or Animal Products. Only three, food-grade, inert, stabilizing ingredients are present: Cellulose, silica, and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

Yes, all probiotics require refrigeration! But TruFlora® can be held at room temperature (approx. 65-75 F) for up to 4 months and still meet label guarantees. This is because TruFlora® is packaged under Totally Inert Packaging (T.I.P.™) conditions in amber glass bottles containing moisture and oxygen absorption packets, inert wadding, a sterile nitrogen fl ush, and double neck seals. To meet label guarantees through expiration be sure to refrigerate and do not hold at room temperature for more than 4 months. TruFlora® can be held frozen (at –10 F or colder) for an indefi nite period of time (7 years +).