Granular Theralac®: High potency probiotic in powdered form

Granular Theralac® is a probiotic powder that helps support digestive and immune health*.  It is great for children or any one that has trouble swallowing capsules.  It can be used to fortify foods or drinks with a powerful dose of probiotics.  Granular Theralac® has seven US Patents covering the prebiotic stimulation and acid-proof delivery.  It has the power of regular Theralac® and is very easy to take!

What is Granular Theralac®?

Granular Theralac® is a medical strength, multi-strain, probiotic dietary supplement containing naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria guaranteed at 25 billion colony forming units (CFU)/serving through expiration, if kept refrigerated. The probiotic composition is presented in Table 1. Strains LA-1 and BL-04 have been used for many years in probiotic supplements, strains LR-32, LPC-37 and Bi-07 are new generation probiotics selected for effectiveness and compatibility.

Granular Theralac® contains two prebiotics that enhance its probiotic activity: LactoStim® (Sunflower Lecithin + Oleic Acid) and Sodium Alginate. LactoStim® is a nutrient utilized by probiotic bacteria for fast growth and reproduction (Protected by 5 U.S. Patents).

The probiotics in Granular Theralac® are protected from stomach acid by a gel matrix composed of food grade sodium alginate. The gel matrix forms in the stomach at low pH and dissolves in the small intestine at high pH allowing acid sensitive probiotics to reach the intestinal tract alive at high strength and activity. Studies show that greater than 99% of unprotected probiotics are killed by stomach acid. Granular Theralac® is protected by U.S. Patents 7,122,370 and 7,229,818.

The probiotic strains in Granular Theralac® are backed by scientific and clinical studies; their principal action is to increase the population of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and correct any probiotic deficiency that may exist. Granular THERALAC’s probiotic strains adhere to the soft lining (wall) of the intestinal tract and promote a healthy surface. A healthy intestinal surface encourages optimum absorption of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, and supports overall health and wellness. When probiotics actively colonize intestinal surfaces it becomes difficult for undesirable bacteria to occupy the same space. This is referred to as competitive exclusion.

Functional Actions

High potency probiotics such as Granular Theralac® are indicated for a number of functional conditions that may result from or cause a deficiency of probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract. These may include the following:

  • Occasional diarrhea
  • Occasional constipation
  • Re-population following antibiotic use
  • Certain food allergies
  • Weak immune response
  • Poor nutrient absorption
  • Various dysbiosis conditions

The most common response to taking Granular Theralac® is normalized elimination, firmer more predictable bowel movements. This is usually followed by increased energy and intestinal comfort.

What’s inside Granular Theralac®?

Five Probiotic Strains:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus – 10 billion CFU (Strain LA-1)
  • Lactobacillus paracasei – 1 billion CFU (Strain LPC-37)
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus – 1 billion CFU (Strain LR-32)
  • Bifidobacterium lactis – 10 billion CFU (Strain BL-04)
  • Bifidobacterium lactis – 3 billion CFU (Strain Bi-07)

Other ingredients in Granular Theralac®:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose – A food-grade, plant cellulose used to standardize the probiotic strength.
  • Sodium Alginate – Provides protection from stomach acid and is a probiotic-preferred source of prebiotic fiber (Protected by 2 US Patents)[1].
  • Silicon Dioxide – Reduces moisture and improves shelf life. Silicon dioxide, or silica for short, is a micronutrient in human nutrition; a food grade source is used in Theralac®.
  • Calcium Silicate – Anti-caking agent.
  • Ascorbic Acid – Antioxidant.
  • LactoStim® (Sunflower Lecithin and Oleic Acid) – Our patented prebiotic. LactoStim® stimulates probiotic growth by providing a food source to the probiotics as soon as they arrive in your digestive tract. Only food grade Lecithin and Oleic Acid are used in Theralac® (Protected by 5 US Patents)[2].

Allergy Statement

Granular Theralac® contains no: milk, eggs, gluten, wheat, soy, casein, nuts, seafood, or beef products.

Questions About Granular Theralac?

Here is a list of commonly asked about Granular Theralac.

Yes, it is safe to give to pets. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp on their food (1 dose can be split into 2 feedings, one in the A.M. and one in P.M) every day for 1-2 weeks and then move to a maintenance dose of 2 doses a week.

Granular Theralac® is safe for babies six months or older. The sodium alginate forms a clear gel matrix which is then swallowed, so make sure to look for a strong swallowing reflex in an infant before administering the probiotic.

Granular Theralac®, when it hits moisture, starts to form a clear gel matrix and this clear gel may get stuck in the small hole in a bottle, so it is not advised to add to a baby bottle.

It is safe to administer a whole dose (1/4 tsp) for children 6 months and older, as long as they are able to swallow food well. The clear gel matrix is soft and easy to mix into soft foods such as applesauce, yogurt, or other pureed foods or thick smoothies. It is also an option to split a dose into two amounts, one in the A.M. and one in the P.M.

No, Granular Theralac® does not dissolve completely in water. It is ideal to gently stir into a soft food such as applesauce or yogurt so the granules form a clear gel matrix, but it can be added to juice or a smoothie (after blending) but it will not dissolve completely in water.